Kershaw speedsafe Kershaw Appa Folding Tactical Pocket Knife, SpeedSafe Opening,  2.75 inch Black Blade and Handle, Small, Lightweight Every Day Carry :  Everything Else

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The excellent hand ergonomics coupled with an extra hard blade steel makes the Kershaw Link one of our top picks for long stints in the wilderness.
No, SpeedSafe™ knives are not switchblades. There are many unique features of SpeedSafe™ knives that make them quite different than knives that are considered switchblades. Unlike a switchblade, SpeedSafe™ blades DO NOT deploy with the push of a button in the handle or by gravity alone.
Kershaw does a good job with their assisted opens. Some AO Kershaws, like the Leek, come with a slide safety mechanism, but my experience has been that a safety isn't necessary. Speedsafe uses a little spring to assist open the knife. That spring usually sits in a cut-out on the clip side of the handle.
For the record, a thumbstud doesn't necessarily has to be affixed to the side(s) of the blade, but can be on the top like on Kershaw Shallots. Kershaw Speed Safe AO - The Karnette amendment is also what makes Kershaw Speed Safe assisted opening knives perfectly legal in California.
CRKT is more experimental and the design style is more distinct. This is also reflected in the designers CRKT works with. The knives they design are slightly different from normal and often more public-friendly. Kershaw is a more serious brand.

Inside Kershaw SpeedSafe assisted opening

The torsion bar action inside the Kershaw SpeedSafe® assisted opening mechanism. Kershaw was the first to bring SpeedSafe...

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