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Total weight for our 3D+ cranks with rings, bolts and the steel bottom bracket spindle was right at 688 grams.
Q-Factor 148 mm, Chain line 43,5 mm.
Rotor Aldhu carbon. Rotor Aldhu carbon is the lightest crank manufactured by the brand in the history. If you already purchased Aldhu 30mm arms (aluminum) you can upgrade your crank arms with this carbon fiber version. You'll save 95g over aluminum arms and 125g over Vegast aluminum arms.
The Trail / Enduro crankset, which is what I ride for DH, weighs 525g. For comparison, SRAM XX1 cranks intended for XC or Trail use weigh 433g and their XO1 DH Cranks weigh around 700g.
Some datasheets will even provide a Q factor vs. frequency graph which can be used to deduce the Q factor at any given frequency. Good high-Q capacitors can have a Q factor value of over 10,000 at 1MHz and over 1,000 at 100MHz, while standard capacitors can have a Q factor as low as 50 at 1kHz.

Rotor 3D Crank ID and Tutorial: Cervelo Edition

Cervelos came with Rotor 3D crank exclusively until recent times. Most arrived with BBRight specific geometries that befuddle the...

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