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GSM Outdoors. Founded in Ventura, California, the company is currently based in Irving, Texas, after an acquisition by GSM Outdoors in 2020. Cold Steel products are manufactured worldwide, including in the United States, Japan, Taiwan, India, Italy, China, and South Africa.
23° to 25°. We suggest that you use whatever angle most closely matches the one already established on the original factory edge. Generally, we recommend 23° to 25° as a guiding standard.
1980. Cold Steel, Inc., founded in 1980 by company president, Lynn C. Thompson, is a company dedicated to making the strongest, sharpest knives in the world.
Born on 31 January 1951, Lynn C. Thompson is a remarkable entrepreneur and passionate adventurer who has achieved international fame as the founder and CEO of Cold Steel Inc. His extraordinary life journey has been shaped by a deep passion for martial arts, weapons and practical self-defence.
GSM Outdoors. In December 2021 SOG was acquired by GSM Outdoors.

Cold Steel Kudu: Unfortunately, its a POS (at least mine was)

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