Leatherman supertool 300

Мультиинструмент Leatherman SuperTool 300, 19 функций, нейлоновый чехол –  купить по цене 18441 руб, магазин «Кант»

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At this point, Leatherman produced the Core which was introduced in 2005 and is still being produced although there are talks that it may be discontinued soon, but who knows other then Leatherman. The Super Tool 300 is a 2009 model that had a September roll out.
Leatherman Super Tool 300. The award-winning, Leatherman Super Tool 300 is the multi-tool for the working man. Larger pliers are the strongest we've ever produced and the sloped-top handle design means you can maneuver them further into tight spaces.
The Leatherman Super Tool was introduced in 1994, with a saber blade, L-shaped screwdrivers, no hard-wire notch, and USA on the plier pivots. It had a very heavy-duty set of pliers that was reduced in size a couple years later. The same tools continued into early 1995.
MODEL DESCRIPTION: The Leatherman Super Tool 200 is a retired, full-size multitool with pliers, wire cutters and a generous set of blades and tools. It replaced the original SuperTool in 2001, and was in turn replaced by the Core in 2005.
The Wave Plus is our all-time, international bestseller. It was designed by our CEO Ben Rivera and is one of the most beloved multi-tools in Leatherman history. If you are looking for one multi-tool to do it all, you might not need to look any further than the Wave Plus.

Leatherman Super Tool 300

The Super Tool 300 is a compact multi-tool thats designed for heavy duty work. Built to be used daily with some of our heftiest...

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