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Denmark. Outwell is a brand created by Oase Outdoors from Denmark. Headquartered in Jutland, the company operates two other brands alongside Outwell: Easy Camp and Robens, each of these brands has a specific target group.
Rapid inflation: Each inflatable air tent comes with an efficient air pump, ensuring your tent is ready in minutes, not hours.
BERGHAUS Inflatable Air Tents for Sale. This collection of Berghaus Inflatable Air Tents is fully waterproof, easily sheltering you from adverse conditions.
The air poles are individual hoops that hold the tunnel of this tent open, and need pumping up to 7psi with the included pump. Because of those air poles, however, this can be pitched by just one person, and comes in a wheeled carry bag for easy-campsite-portability.
Outwell Tents. The quality and attention to detail in all their brands is unrivalled by any other, and they pride themselves on manufacturing tents that are spacious and comfortable, ideal for family camping. Browse our range of Outwell tents below, or shop by five, or.

Explore our Select Tent Collection - Outwell 2024

The Outwell Select Collection of easy pitching tents is ideal for couples and young families seeking new fun times outdoors to...

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